Commitment to Safety


At 8-Ball Paving Ltd, safety is an important issue and is our top priority.  We have an extensive safety program that involves every single person from whom works not only for us, but is also involved in our projects.  We are certified with the Alberta Safety Construction Association (ACSA) and have a current standing Certificate of Recognition (COR) by successfully passing all safety regulations stipulated by ACSA, and are a certified Prime Contractor with the City of Calgary. 


8-Ball Paving Ltd. has had ZERO time-loss incidents since obtaining the COR certification in 2012.  There is a full-time National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) on site at all times to ensure all safety standards are being, not only met, but exceeded!


8-Ball Paving's safety program involves the following:

  • Management’s commitment to providing active leadership and complete support in order to develop and maintain a safe work environment
  • Specialized safety and job specific training for all employees employed with the company
  • Investigations of reported events so causes can be quickly determined and corrective actions can be implemented to prevent reoccurrence. Near-Miss incidents are reported and investigate to ensure future risks are avoided
  • Scheduled safety meetings that involve all employees at 8-Ball Paving which include:
    • Toolbox meetings to review safety-specific topics
    • Hazard awareness meetings prior to each project start to ensure all employees are aware of the hazards present and the corrective actions required to mitigate such risks
    • Health & Safety Committee meetings to discuss topics, trends and employee concerns
  • Scheduled maintenance on all assets that are in use to ensure they are safe to operate
  • Subcontractor safety verification to ensure they are upholding the highest level of safety standards before entering our worksites
  • Quality control inspections at the end of every project
  • Drug and alcohol screening from an accredited 3rd party laboratory for employees
  • Annual examination and comparison of 8-Ball Paving’s safety program to highlight areas of success and areas that require improvement.


At 8-Ball Paving Ltd, we recognize that it takes everyone to create and maintain a safe work environment and is committed to ensuring our employees remain healthy and safe on all our worksites.


"Safety is something we can all live with!"


8-Ball Paving Ltd. is registered and accredited with the following associations:  ACSA, ISNetworld, WCB Alberta,

    Prime Contractor with The City of Calgary



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