Saw Cutting


At 8-Ball Paving Ltd, precision meets efficiency. Our commitment to excellence is fortified by our state-of-the-art equipment that's tailored to each project's unique requirements. Unlike relying on third-party subcontractors, we take control of the process by performing our own saw cutting services. This strategic move significantly reduces wait times and streamlines repairs, translating to enhanced customer satisfaction.


Our in-house saw cutting proficiency is more than a convenience – it's a game-changer. When we meticulously saw cut asphalt for repairs, we engineer seamless transitions between old and new surfaces. This methodology not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the repair but also fortifies its durability over time. The absence of vulnerable edges ensures a longer lifespan for the asphalt repair.


But our expertise extends beyond asphalt. We're also adept at providing saw cutting services for both asphalt and concrete, specifically to facilitate access to buried utilities. This smart approach results in smoothly carved trenches that are easily reinstated post-project completion, showcasing our commitment to both efficiency and long-term integrity.

Operating all year round, 8-Ball Paving Ltd stands as your reliable partner. Our competitive pricing, coupled with our dedication to innovation, ensures that you receive optimal value for every investment.


Elevate your projects with us today – where cutting-edge solutions converge with unwavering dedication. 




Saw cutting asphalt provides a clean edge through the material without transmitting cracks or damage further into the same structure.  For repair or replacement of asphalt, cutting around the deteriorated pieces is required in order to fill the potholes.  Saw cutting is also used to cut out trenches up to 16” depth.


Saw cutting concrete provides a clean cut edge through concrete without transmitting cracks or damage further into the same structure.  Concrete saw cutting is used to cut sidewalk panels and parts of a concrete curb that need to be removed.  By cutting out damaged pieces, it eliminates a full replacement project, which saves you money!


Do you require access to buried utilities that are located under asphalt or concrete?  We can saw cut a trench for you to access these utilities so it will provide a smooth-edge trench instead of the hassle of digging up a large area.  
We will also be there to repair the asphalt once your work is complete!

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