Saw Cutting


At 8-Ball Paving Ltd, we have the right equipment for every job.  We complete our own saw cutting services to cut down wait times from using a 3rd party subcontractor.  By saw cutting the asphalt for repairs, this creates a smooth transition from the old asphalt surface, to the new.  This will also prolong the lift of the asphalt repair, for there are no edges to break apart.


We also provide saw cutting services to cut asphalt and/or concrete for access to buried utilities.  This results in a smooth trench and can easily be repaired once the project is complete.  We operate year round and have very competitive prices!  




Saw cutting asphalt provides a clean edge through the material without transmitting cracks or damage further into the same structure.  For repair or replacement of asphalt, cutting around the deteriorated pieces is required in order to fill the potholes.  Saw cutting is also used to cut out trenches up to 16” depth.


Saw cutting concrete provides a clean cut edge through concrete without transmitting cracks or damage further into the same structure.  Concrete saw cutting is used to cut sidewalk panels and parts of a concrete curb that need to be removed.  By cutting out damaged pieces, it eliminates a full replacement project, which saves you money!


Do you require access to buried utilities that are located under asphalt or concrete?  We can saw cut a trench for you to access these utilities so it will provide a smooth-edge trench instead of the hassle of digging up a large area.  
We will also be there to repair the asphalt once your work is complete!

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