Tell us about your experience with 8-Ball Paving Ltd.

Have you had a project completed by 8-Ball Paving Ltd and would like to tell others about your experience?  Here is your chance to leave comments below for others to see!  Here are some we have received: 


"I am writing to express our appreciation for the job your staff did for us yesterday.  It was a very nice surprise to see a complete group of professionals...nobody loafed, nobody idled, everybody worked, and everybody was cheerful and polite to-a-fault!  I spoke to Jacob about how impressed I was with his Leadership. I was in the Armed Forces many years, and Jacob and his crew could teach them a thing or two about working in harmony.  I hope you realize what a Great Bunch you have!  Please pass on our Thanks to Shawn, Jacob and the Crew. Job Very Well Done!!

PS: If you ever wish bring someone to show the quality of your workmanship, please feel free to do so."
    - Customer from Langdon, AB

"Hello!  My husband and I are absolutely thrilled about the job you fellows did on our driveway!  It is indeed a 'thing of beauty'! Your workers were totally professional and we are so pleased with their work ethic.  Job exceedingly well done."
   - Customer from Prairie Schooner Estates, Rockyview, AB





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